The Sasquanaug Association preserves and protects Southport and its historical surroundings.  We have been at the forefront of nearly every major public lands victory since our founding. From our organization (in the late 1800s), was born a spin-off organization, the Southport Conservancy, with the mission to purchase properties for preservation.


Our Mission

To preserve the historic character of Southport and to contribute to the community’s day-to-day enjoyment of Village life.

With our members’ ongoing financial support, over the last 18 months we’ve been able to:

  • Provide financial and organizational support to oppose the Lower Bronson Road high density development, an inappropriate and unsafe proposal adjacent to the busy exit 19 on-ramp to I-95.  This case is under appeal in court.

  • Expansion of 65 Station Street:  We provided financial support to and coordination with the Station Street Neighbors in their successful opposition to an inappropriate commercial expansion in a residential neighborhood already reeling from commercial and commuter traffic.

  • Provide organizational support for our tenant, the Sea Lodge organization, in the needed renovation and preservation of this historic community gem at Southport Beach.

  • Convene an important community meeting with Fairfield’s First Selectman, police department leadership, and RTM members about recent crimes, and traffic and safety concerns in our neighborhoods.

Sasquanaug Holdings:


Southport Park

An urban oasis on the Old Post Road, the park’s history begins with the railroad which owned the property in the 1890s and clear-cut it to use the wood to pay for an expansion project. The land was donated to Sasquanaug in 1954 with the condition that the property be maintained for public use and protection of plants and wildlife. Today its half-mile of trails is a favorite destination for dog walkers, hikers, joggers, and families who enjoy the natural playscape.


Robinson Cottage

This classic New England salt box sits proudly on a hill in the middle of town. Believed to have been built by Revolutionary War veteran John Robinson Jr. in the late 1780s, the cottage maintains integrity to the era with its low ceilings, center chimney, oversized hearth, and more. Sasquanaug bought the house in 1929 in order to preserve it and its place in Southport history.


The Sea Lodge Association

Built by Sasquanaug in 1901, the Sea Lodge was the beach and bathing club for members. Today, while Sasquanaug owns the building, it’s leased out to the independently-run Sea Lodge Association.


Southport, Old vs. New

In 1979 the Sasquanaug Association fought off developers who sought to convert the land of open fields and stately homes into office buildings and condominiums. The collective effort of the community resulted in Southport remaining the historical, beautiful harbor village that it is today.